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If you are a first time puppy owner and don’t know what to do or where to turn or if you have had puppies before, but can’t remember what it is like to have a new family member with 4 paws, then ‘Puppy Enrichment Training” programs at Ruff ‘n Tumble Playcare is the program for you. When you combine an enrichment program with our puppy playcare program you get the best of both worlds! A puppy that knows how to play and socialize appropriately with other puppies and dogs, as well as one that learns how to be happy in the world around them. The Puppy training programs are specifically designed for puppies 10-20 weeks old and their owners.

The ‘Puppy Training’ Program has been specifically designed to introduce puppies to learning at a young age. It has been proven that while a puppy is in this critical socialization period of their life, it is important to their development to teach them about life experiences in a fun and positive way. Socialization and enrichment is more than just introducing puppies to other dogs. While dog to dog interactions are one aspect of socialization, a puppy needs to get socialized to everything else in the world too! Cars, bikes, other people, children, men with hats, people carrying bags, pushing carts, household sounds, different flooring textures, buses, among others all provide the young puppy unique challenges. This is where we come in. Whether it is enrolling in a Puppy Training program for your puppy or puppy daycare we are here to help!


Puppy Enrichment Training Programs

The Puppy Training programs, when paired with our standard Puppy Playcare program, is the perfect way to start your puppy off on the right paw. In all of our puppy programs your puppy is engaged in supervised play with other puppies so that they learn the appropriate skills to play with other dogs. In the training programs we’ll give you the tools to help you navigate the puppy stages of development and our trainers will work with you and your puppy individually on the specifics. The world can be scary for a puppy and we’ll be happy to  help everyone learn to navigate through the development process. if interested you can add an enrichment program to our standard puppy playcare so your pup can experience play, socialization, rest and enrichment training sessions with our in house trainer. We have two different programs to choose from:

The Puppy Enrichment Training program is designed as a private training lesson to help reinforce what you are learning in puppy classes. This program utilizes one on one enrichment training sessions with our trainer for your puppy. These enrichment sessions are 30 minutes and can be designed to your specifications. These training lessons are an option while in daycare. In addition if you want additional socialization opportunities you can sign your pup up for additional days of puppy playcare too.  Our second training option for your puppy is the Group Puppy Training classes will include confidence building exercises, games for them and you to learn cues. In addition we will even have playtime with the other puppies in the class so you can see and learn how dogs should play appropriately and safely!

During the first few months of your puppies’ life they are growing and changing rapidly. Our enrichment programs will help you and your pup navigate the minefields of growing up. Choose the program that works best for you!  Both programs will ensure you receive our puppy training materials, photos and one on one knowledge session with our trainers.  No matter what program you choose, your puppy will participate in multiple training sessions each day on top of playing with friends. Plus, after your puppy has completed the program you have the option to go on to further training. (see training for 6 months or older)

Puppy Training: The Purpose

The purpose of Puppy Enrichment Training is to provide you with the best process for helping puppies during their most critical period of development. If a puppy is under 5 months of age, attending daycare is not always enough to help that puppy become better adjusted. This program provides the additional ways that will help your puppy learn. Your puppy will benefit from supervised play with other puppies, plus multiple sessions during the day with our trainer. They will learn about surface training, distractions sounds and an introduction to basic manners.



This a 6 week group class Puppy Training. This class is open to current puppy clients under 5 months of age and the public!

If you’ve been looking for a class that will help you with training and socializing your new puppy, we’ve got you covered. Our puppy programs will give you the tools to help you and your pup navigate the minefields of growing up. There will be confidence building exercises, games for them and you to learn cues. We will even have playtime with the other puppies so you can see and learn how dogs should play appropriately and safely. You’ll even get the opportunity to meet and work with other puppy parents to share experiences.


The program is designed for puppies between 10 to 20 weeks old. A puppy enrolled in the program is expected to attend at least twice a week for 4 weeks. This allows you full benefit of this critical socialization period. The days are completely flexible. The puppy can still come for playcare 5 days in a row, twice a week, or whatever schedule best suits you. However, the training program is designed to be completed within 4 weeks. If you think your puppy needs extra time you can purchase extra training days.

***All training classes are non-refundable, non transferable and must be redeemed within 45 days of the purchase date.


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  • 6 week program
  • Group play sessions
  • Training materials, hand outs and practice guides
  • Confidence building exercises & games
  • Learn about proper socialization

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