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Why Use PlayCare?

Does your dog get the zoomies? Are you tired of taking them for walks constantly throughout the day? Are they anxious or even destructive when left alone? Are they home all day alone? If you bring them to us at our facility your dog will participate in supervised play groups all day long. No matter what activity your pooch prefers, they will be socialized, exercised, and extremely tired at the end of the day. We even offer training programs for your dog so they can learn while at playcare. Afterall…we all know a tired dog is a good dog.


Stay With Us

If you are a regular daycare client and your dog enjoys playing at Ruff ‘n Tumble why not let them stay overnight with us too. Instead of being cooped up all day while you’re on vacation, your dog will be on their own little vacation too… lounging with friends, doing all the things that dogs like best… all while being pampered by our staff. Plus, our facility is staffed 24/7 if we have dogs overnight.


All The Puppy Care You Need

Our puppy playcare program are meant to provide you with the best process for helping your puppy during the critical period of socialization. When puppies are under 5 months of age, attending day care is not enough to help that puppy become better adjusted to the world. In this program we provide additional ways to help the puppy learn about the world as well as provide socialization avenues for you, the pet parent. In these programs a puppy learns to play appropriately with other puppies while being closely supervised.  We now offer a training program to help reinforce what they are learning at home.

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