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Socialization is more than just introducing puppies to other dogs. While it is one aspect of socialization and the one that we can easily provide in a dog daycare, a puppy needs to get socialized to everything else in the world too! Cars, bikes, other people, children, men with hats, people carrying bags, pushing carts, household sounds, different flooring textures, buses, among others all provide the young puppy unique challenges. This is where we come in. Whether it is daycare or training for your puppy we are here to help!


Puppy Playcare Program

Our Puppy Playcare  program is for puppies up to 6 months old. In this program, our staff will work with the puppies on some of the most important play skills young puppies need. The critical socialization period for puppies ends at about 4 – 5  months of age. During this time, it’s up to you to shape the puppy’s view of their world, this is the stage in their life when they are most receptive to learning. Positive experiences help them learn that new things are fun, and hopefully they will remember the good associations when they encounter them again later. It’s important for pet parents to take advantage of this crucial period and provide their puppy with positive experiences in the world.

Puppy Playcare: The Purpose

The purpose of the puppy playcare package is to provide you with the best process for helping puppies during the critical period of socialization. As a reminder if a puppy is under 5 months of age, attending daycare is not enough to help that puppy become better adjusted. This program provides additional ways that will help the puppy learn as well as provide a socialization avenue for you, the pet parent.


Depending upon the puppies age we might recommend a minimum of at least 5 sessions to take full benefit of this socialization period. The days are completely flexible. The puppy can come 5 days in a row, twice a week, or whatever schedule best suits you. However, the program is designed to be completed by the time the puppy is 6 months old.



Per Day

During this program the puppies get much more one on one attention to reinforce what they are learning at outside training classes and at home.



Per Day



Per night
(includes daycare)

Puppy boarding includes puppy daycare plus the overnight stay. Applicable to puppies under 7 months of age and standard boarding policies apply.

***All passes are non-refundable, non transferable and must be redeemed within 45 days of purchase date.

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