Dog Playcare (Over 6 Months)

We are proud to offer supervised play areas for your dogs to play in a safe indoor and outdoor environment. Letting dogs have free time to interact with other dogs, as well as people, is one of the most important things responsible dog owners can do. Doggie daycare will help your dog become calmer and more confident. Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs is probably one of the most important gifts dog owners can give themselves and their dog.

What To Expect

Unlike dog parks and pet sitting in the home, our daycare ensures a consistent, fully supervised way to train and socialize pets so they are better behaved and easier to handle. Our Team Leaders will confidently and consistently reinforce positive behaviors, basic obedience commands and good manners through play

Check-In Times

Monday-Friday: 6:30 — 8:30am

Saturday: 8:00 — 9:00am

Check-Out Times

Monday-Friday: 2:00 — 6:30pm

Saturday: 2:00 — 5:00pm

Check In & Check Out Times are strictly enforced to avoid the disruption of the supervision and routine of our attending dogs. Reservations are required for daycare and boarding. Reservations should be made in advance, but you may call ahead the morning of daycare, (BEFORE 8:00am) to see if there is space for your dog to play/stay that day. Please Note: An additional fee of $5 for every 5 minutes LATE for drop-off or pick-up time will be charged to your account. Pick-ups more than 1 hour past our posted pick-up time will automatically be considered overnight guests incurring the overnight rate.


Includes a structured day of exercise, playing, rest and FUN.

**All passes are non-refundable, non transferable and must be redeemed within 45 days of purchase date.



Per dog


2+ dogs from the same household may use discount passes



Per dog


2+ dogs from the same household may use discount passes


$170 (5 days) -Half Day

Half days must be picked up by 12:30pm

$126 -  (3 Full Days)
$200 - (5 Full Days)
$370 - (10 days Full Days)

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